Artistic Research

© Dr. Giusy Caruso, pianist & artist researcher

Re-Orient Project


The multidisciplinary project Re-Orient comprises a selection of the 72 Etudes Karnatiques for piano enriched by original vocal Karnatic music improvisations, Hindustani percussion accompaniments and Indian dance. This performance was conceived to experiment on stage with the process of embodying Indian music in a Western practice through a mirroring interaction between the gestures of the musicians (a Karnatic vocalist, two percussionists and myself as pianist) and a dancer trained in Indian music. The visual impact produced by the presence of the dancer was meant to establish shared meanings in the performance space-frame (social dimension): to render more accessible and comprehensible, especially for a non-expert audience, the conceptual content behind this contemporary piano work by Charpentier and behind the theory of embodiment. see the website

The Re-Orient project through its visual and audible interactions aims at stimulating the spectators in « a reorientation of significance, in which dancers, musicians and audiences all lose track of the North Star». 

Giusy Caruso, piano
Sandeep Kalathimekkad, vocalist
Francesco Magarò & Carlo Strazzante, percussionsts
Ayla Joncheere, choreographer and dancer

8 March 2017 – Re-Orient Project, Ghent, Miry Concertzaal.

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