Practicing the 72 Etudes Karnatiques by Jacques Charpentier

© Dr. Giusy Caruso, pianist & artist researcher

Indian-Inspired Practice: meetings with Jacques Charpentier and the Re-Orient Project

The idea of re-orienting my practicing and my interpretation of the 72 Etudes Karnatiques with the aid of Indian Music experts was mostly fostered by the meetings I had with the composer Jacques Charpentier.

Extracts from the interviews with Jacques Charpentier

4 May 2012 – Carcassonne

5 May 2012 – Carcassonne

Re-Orient Project

This project was conceived to experiment with a real performance practice of Indian music (Karnatic and Hindustani) in order to build my interpretation of the entire 72 Etudes Karnatiques and to explore new directions in performing contemporary music for a larger audience.

I began practicing with the Karnatic singer Sandeep Kalathimekkad to see how the Karnatic  chant could fit the Western well-tempered system.

24 April 2014 – Bruxelles, PIano Maene Concert Hall

To embody some rhythmical patterns from the score, I decided to approach Indian solfege (konnakol) by practicing with Western percussionists trained in Indian music by reading the book Applying Karnatic Rhythmical Techniques to Western Music (2015) by Rafael Reina.

12 November 2017 –  Art Base, Bruxelles

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